Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas and NYE PL

Here are the lastest pages in my 27th Year Project Life :) Hope you enjoy!!

This week was Christmas.... We played scrabble after I got off of work on Christmas Eve and my sister got me the Garmin Forerunner which I love! We went shopping and there was a pretty winter day. 

New Years - I have the resolutions written down on my wipe-away board. I am going to try reading the bible through out the year, also read more other books. I finished my first book already - the dogs got their first bark box which they were excited about and I have kept up my running so far so good :)

I showed more pictures of the gym. Cuddle fest with my kitten, got my Studio Calico and the dogs ate my Waddles penguin that I love <3. Also it's been very cold- such as -20 degrees :(.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 to You! :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful New Years Day and had a safe New Years Eve :)  I was an ol' fart and didn't even make it past 12! Ah - you win some, you lose some. 

I'm hoping this year that I'll write more in this blog, I dont really have any followers or not very many comments but its a good way to hold myself accountable when I do... blog that is.. and its a good way to share my work without having to post a million pictures in different spots.  

This year, I am doing resolutions except instead of a broad.. year? range of them- I'll make a few each month that I would like to achieve during that time.  It's easier to break down the big picture in to small achievable goals - I think anyways. :) 

So for the month of January- my goals are 

- to lose 5 lbs
- run 25 miles
- read one book
- pay off debt

I am not sure if any of them really need any explaining but I would love to pick up the habit of reading more and I charged a few Christmas presents so I want to pay off those store cards soon. Other than that- its that simple. 

I'm starting over on my 10k training plan this month so if I finish that- I'll get the 25 miles in although I would love to run a little more if I can but who knows what weather January will bring and I'm not that great of friends with mister dreadmill...  so we'll see!!

Hopefully 2014 will bring you nothing but great memories and good health for you and yours- so here we go! 

xo Renee

Monday, December 23, 2013

PL Weeks 11-13

I was thinking about doing a December Daily but I decided just to make my December weeks a bit festive and just include pictures of what I've done those weeks. I tried the DD concept last year and it was a bit hard to fill.  So these are my December weeks so far! 

Wk 11- We put up the Christmas tree, in which Pumpkin is fascinated with. ( Yes we have a small tree, two dogs make it hard to have a big one- they think its a real toy. ) I crafted with my mom; went to Starbucks and got my first red cup of the season. I got my studio calico black friday box and my subscription to runner's world! 

Wk 12- Had a work Christmas party and I got a scratch off, which fit in the 4x6 spot- how funny. Cut out the Happy Holidays from my work in the paper. Went shopping, snuck a picture of santa and some cute ornaments. My sister sent presents, I decorated the windows and Mom was sick so I missed my 5k.

Wk 13-  We baked cookies, taunted the kitty with antler ears, wrapped presents and had lunch with my daddy during my work break.  I tried to make a pocket with odds and ends inside but I am sure I could do it better - I'll try again some week. 

I know this was a fast description of each week but I just wanted to share what I have done so far :) I'll probably share the next few weeks in the New Year. 

Have a wonderful Holiday! 

xo Renee

Sunday, December 22, 2013

My favorite 2013 Pages

Last year I saw alot of bloggers post their favorite scrap pages of 2012, so I followed in suit and enjoyed looking back at what I had done. So this year, I'm going to do the same and show you my favorite pages of 2013 :) 

You can click on each picture to make them bigger! :D 



Hope you enjoy and I encourage you to do the same - it's fun to look back at how your style changes or what you found important to scrap this year :)

xo Renee

2013 Goals Overall

Fitness Goals

High Goal - Run 125 Miles- ACCOMPLISHED

- This year I 've ran approximately 321 miles... I would have never in my life imagine that's how much I'd run... hence my goal so small but this summer I took running by storm although this last few months with the cold/snow - I've drastically changed my workouts so it could have been much more had I remained as focused as I had this summer.

Run a 10k- FAILED
High Goal- Run a 1/2 Marathon - FAILED

- After getting attacked my major allergies at the end of the summer, my training went way side so my 10k goal wasn't achieved this year :( 

Run a Mud Run- FAILED

- Never found one in the area after the one I missed therefore, again I failed this one.

Do 10 Organized Runs - FAILED
High Goal- Do a Run a Month- FAILED

-  I didn't do 10 runs but I did do quite a few this year  Brew N Stew (March) Color Run (May) CWC Fun Run (June) Biggest Loser (June) Expand your Horizons (July) ROC Obstacle (August) NH Color Run ( August ) and Haunted Hussle (October). I have had a few others that I've planned to do but dropped out of with other things going on in my life.

Wear a Size 8- FAILED
High Goal- Weigh 140- FAILED 

- So this is my please don't judge goal; I know I'm a runner, maybe I should be more fit but we come in all different shapes and sizes. But this wasn't achieved on either account. I didn't work on this one as much as I should have- yes, I made some healthier choices but sometimes if I just wanted to eat- I did. I do need to do more of this portion control this next year.

Try 2  New Work Out Classes- FAILED
High Goal- Try 4 New Work Out Classes-FAILED

- I did try one new work out class earlier this year but that's the most I've done in that department :(

Personal Goals

Read 5 Books - FAILED
High Goal - Read 10 Books- FAILED

-  I did read one book while I was visiting my sister :) They even took pictures haha as this never happens- but I read LA CANDY by Lauren Conrad. Yes, nothing educated but it was entertaining.

Make 25 12x12 layouts- ACCOMPLISHED
High Goal- Make 50 layouts- FAILED

- This year I made 36 layouts- not quite to 50 but did beat my 25 goal :)

Watch 10 New Movies - Eh?
High Goal- Watch 15 New Movies

- Does Holiday movies count? Than I may have watched 10 new movies - again, I'm not much of a movie person but I want to watch more! :)

I had an awesome 2013, although I didn't get much done as far as my goals but that doesn't matter :) Next year I'm going to do Goals by Month instead of a whole year-- I can adjust them as the months ago and I'll be able to make more "realistic goals" instead of guesstimating what I'll get done..

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Black Friday

Okay, so I was going good on my spending freeze as far as scrapbooking supplies were concerned. But on Black Friday- I saw a deal I couldn't pass up. Studio Calico had grab bags on their kits for $5. Can't beat that when one month is 30 dollars ish.. So I bought one-- the Project Life kit. These are pictures of what I received!!

How cute are these boxes? Is this how it normally comes? Adorbs.

The embellishments - gold lined labels, blue candy dot stickers, mini envelopes, BG washi strips and wood patterned sequins.

The 4x6 cards... I love the Dear Lizzy frame one- I was actually hoping I'd get that one :D

Mind you the pictures wont rotate, and my festive pants got caught in the picture. These are the 3x4s. I have most of them but it's still exciting :)

The best part- Pebbles Stamp :) This alone is way more than 5 dollars- how awesome!! 

I'm so excited that I decided to buy this but I'm still continuing with my freeze excluding this purchase :) Thank you so much Studio Calico for this awesome grab bag! Did anyone else get one and have other items??

xo Renee

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Project Life Weeks 6-10 :)

I know I'm a little behind - I forgot all about blogging my next two weeks of Project Life! Ah, I'm slacking! What can I say?

Week 6 was Halloween- I dressed up my cat whom is named Pumpkin as a pumpkin, a picture of my niece and nephew- they dont live near me but I like to capture them also in my PL by the pictures they send to me. Carved pumpkins and dressed up at work. We also went to a Holiday Tasting and did inventory at the store I work at.. 

Week 7- My mom saw this penguin that she thought I'd think was cute- so I had to take a selfie with it :) My dad's birthday we went out to eat with my grandma who also has the same birthday. Mom and myself had breakfast before shopping at Panera Bread.

Week 8- My town opened a veteran's memorial- my mother is looking at the monument with her father's name on it.  We got our first sprinkle of snow and I got my first red starbucks cup! I did a collage of other random pictures that happened over the week- like my pedicure with my bestie, a double rainbow, babysitting and being sick. 

Week 9- I went out to eat with my family, hung out with my bestie who is in a puppy pile, babysat some of my favorite kiddos- who made me play "What does a fox say?" over and over and ran a few times this week which I hadn't done in a long time as I'm slacking with the cold weather.

Week 10 was this past week with Thanksgiving :) We had Thanksgiving with my dad's side so there's pictures of us with Grandma  and some of the food from my immediate family Thanksgiving. Also my dad with a friend of our family- wearing rivals jerseys... perfect game to have on when we had gathered. Tons of Viking fans and Tons of Packer fans- and they ended up tying! How funny! 

Any of you who do project life- how do you enjoy Design E? I found I'm not a huge fan :(

Renee xo