Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 to You! :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful New Years Day and had a safe New Years Eve :)  I was an ol' fart and didn't even make it past 12! Ah - you win some, you lose some. 

I'm hoping this year that I'll write more in this blog, I dont really have any followers or not very many comments but its a good way to hold myself accountable when I do... blog that is.. and its a good way to share my work without having to post a million pictures in different spots.  

This year, I am doing resolutions except instead of a broad.. year? range of them- I'll make a few each month that I would like to achieve during that time.  It's easier to break down the big picture in to small achievable goals - I think anyways. :) 

So for the month of January- my goals are 

- to lose 5 lbs
- run 25 miles
- read one book
- pay off debt

I am not sure if any of them really need any explaining but I would love to pick up the habit of reading more and I charged a few Christmas presents so I want to pay off those store cards soon. Other than that- its that simple. 

I'm starting over on my 10k training plan this month so if I finish that- I'll get the 25 miles in although I would love to run a little more if I can but who knows what weather January will bring and I'm not that great of friends with mister dreadmill...  so we'll see!!

Hopefully 2014 will bring you nothing but great memories and good health for you and yours- so here we go! 

xo Renee


  1. You do have some followers :) Hope you reach your January goals. Are you doing Project Life this year too?

    1. Aw :) Thanks Emily!! I am continuing my 27th Year PL .. I'm backwards, I started my book on my birthday instead of the New Year. :)